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20 Dumb Cat Images That Will Make You Smile

There is a constant discussion about how clever and cunning cat breeds are. Sometimes, we overlook the fact that they, similar to us, are capable of being weird and ridiculous at times, And when it does occur, their funny personality makes it more entertaining!

The PaxCube team here has made the following list of cats who temporarily forgot to be a cat. Then they lost the stylish, elegant hunters they normally are and ended up looking ridiculously foolish. Be assured that everyone is okay and has suffered nothing more than an injury to their egos. Those may even have done them some good for them haha!

Check them out yourself, and enjoy the cute and adorable stupidity of each one!

1. Help! It’s Trying To Kill Me

dumb cat

Have no idea how he got his head squeezed through in the first place.

2. He Never Attempted To Do This Again

dumb cat

Whiskey hates water but wanted to make a brave move, but with what happened after a few moments later, he would never forget this throughout his entire life.

3. If I Fits, I Slips

dumb cat

Guess what! he’s got stuck behind a heavy drawer.

4. Time To Put On A Show

dumb cat

Remember TapeFace from America’s got talent? this is him before getting there.

5. Just Whyy

dumb cat

Imagine coming home after a hard day at work to find your dumb cat meowing in the bathroom, asking for help.

6. Very Clever

dumb cat

He is not a dumb cat, just lazy.

7. Lorbus, Eating A Metal Chair

dumb cat

8. Interesting

dumb cat

9. Just Like The Other One

dumb cat

10. Ruining my life to make themselves comfortable.

dumb cat

11. I’m Invincible. Nobody Can See Me.

dumb cat

12. I Don’t Know What To Say

dumb cat

13. Keeping The Balance

dumb cat

14. I Was Hoping To Catch Possums, But Okay.

dumb cat

15. I Think He Got Superpowers

dumb cat

16. Actually, this is smart. She’s trying her best not to get wet.

dumb cat

17. Absolute Dumb Cat Moment

dumb cat

18. Maybe That’s How He Function

dumb cat

19. While He Has A Bowl Of Water Inside

dumb cat

20. Proud Dad Moment

dumb cat

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