A Great Small Smile Pumpkin Carving Idea For Halloween

small smile pumpkin

Everyone is busy making the creepiest pumpkin carving for Halloween, but how about a small smile pumpkin carving as well for this year, along with the creepy ones?

Although Halloween pumpkin carving is a tradition, you may wonder why they are called jack-o-lanterns. You might not know, but Halloween is a Celts’ holiday from Ireland. They have a legend about Stingy Jack. Stingy Jack tricked the Devil once, and after his death, he was not accepted to heaven or hell and ended up roaming the Earth forever. People began carving demonic faces into squashes and turnips to scare away wandering spirits, creating the first Jack-o’-lanterns. As it was a fitting occasion, this tradition of carving pumpkins or turnips was quickly incorporated into Halloween.

It’s now quite a challenge to carve the most imaginative and scariest jack-o-lantern faces. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted like Ray Villafane. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own pumpkin carving ideas.

LisaShuBop┬áposted her hilarious pumpkin carving on the Internet. It’s just as funny as it is lazy. The post was called “My kind of effort”, with a few photos of her “minimalistic” pumpkin project. This small pumpkin smile is sure to make you fall in love. It also gives hope to lazy people!

small smile pumpkin 1
small smile pumpkin carving by Lisa
small smile pumpkin 2