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OG Bounce Mushroom: Care, Information And Pricing

What Is An OG Bounce Mushroom?

OG Bounce Mushrooms are widely believed to be the first accessible bounce mushroom morph and were initially cultivated by World Wide Corals. They got orange-colored bubbles with a base of purple and green and are considered to be the original bounce mushroom. Bounce Mushrooms are a distinct variety of Rhodactis mushrooms. What makes them different from the regular Rhodactis is the fact that they grow extremely large and vibrantly got colored polyps that appear like bubbles, which is why they get the “bounce” name. They’re almost never seen as the “bounce” form in the wild, and divers are required to take a lot of Rhodactis mushrooms to ensure that some will grow the characteristic bubbles.

OG Bounce Mushrooms are one of the most sought-after members in the Rhodactis family and, to be specific, in the bounce mushroom family. And Rhodactis come in a broad range of variations, shapes and sizes.

It is believed that the fact that they are brought from the wild and kept captive is the reason why some Rhinodactis “bounce,” but this has been proven yet. Despite the high cost, this coral is simple to maintain and does not require any extra care.

OG bounce mushroom 2

OG Bounce Mushroom Care

OG Bounce Mushrooms mostly prefer lower light levels and are susceptible to damage when they are exposed to light levels that are too high. A high level of light could cause corals to retract, and too much flow can cause them to break free from the rockwork and flounder in the water, searching for a suitable spot to settle. Because of this, they should be placed at the base of the tank. They also thrive in areas with the low flow since this can prevent the mushroom from being blown around too much. In fact, too much flow could cause them to separate and get sucked into a powerhead.

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Like all mushrooms, OG Bounce Mushrooms are photosynthetic and rely on aquarium lighting to satisfy their energy requirements. However, due to their attractiveness, rarity, and cost, numerous hobbyists are careful to feed them. If they wish, they could be fed microplankton or other options designed to be used as filter feeders. In general, Bounce Mushrooms are not able to reproduce as quickly as other species of mushrooms but can be propagated by cutting a small piece of an even larger specimen. It is important to do this with care, and the success of the process is not assured. When handling coral, it is a must to avoid damaging the inflating polyps.

Furthermore, it will also require the right amounts of Calcium as well as Alkalinity and Magnesium, along with a variety of other trace elements that are found in seawater from natural sources.

The additional feeding is not necessary to keep it healthy because they get the most of their food via photosynthesis. And also, OG Bounce Mushrooms do consume both small and large food items.

OG Bounce Mushroom Pricing

Why Are OG Bounce Mushrooms Expensive?

OG Bounce Mushrooms begin as regular Rhodactis mushroom species that can be found throughout the Indo-Pacific region. They can be found in lagoons, bays and reef slopes, and shallow reefs. In an aquarium at home, they should be put near the lowest point of the tank so that they are shielded from the intense light and flow. It is important to remember that Bounce Mushrooms are almost impossible to find in the wild, and they can only “bounce” while in captivity. This makes them expensive. It is difficult to tell which Rhodactis species will bounce.

OG bounce mushroom 4

How Much Is An OG Bounce Mushroom?

The price can vary depending on where you can buy them; OG Bounce Mushrooms would start from 250$, and larger ones can cost up to 3000$, even. From a seller’s perspective, For the past few years, every time an OG Bounce Mushroom was listed, it sold very fast. Larger ones would go for $2-3k. But lately, most OG Bounces for sale usually don’t sell at all. It’s because the supply has exceeded the demand, and Bounce mushrooms are quite common now compared to wend they were first discovered.

OG bounce mushroom

While undeniably expensive, OG Bounce Mushroom gives an enthusiast the chance to own one of the most gorgeous and easy-to-keep morphs in the history of reefing.


  • Care level is easy
  • The flow should be low
  • Lighting should be low too but can tolerate a wide range of lighting
  • Temperament – Peaceful

And before we wrap up the article, mentioning this again, There is no assurance that a frag of bounce mushrooms will develop the trademark swollen polyps.

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