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I Captured Daily Activities of Polar Bears in the Zoo: A Photographic Journey (08 Images)

As Photographer Zoo, Mac So, specializing in animal portrait photography at zoos and aquariums, your dedication to capturing the beauty and essence of wildlife is truly commendable. Your FAPA selected works, inspired by the gestures of polar bears, showcase your talent and passion for capturing the intricacies of animal behavior.

Indeed, photographing wildlife, whether in their natural habitats or in captivity, presents unique challenges that require skill, patience, and a deep appreciation for the subjects. Each photograph tells a story and offers viewers a glimpse into the captivating world of animals.

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#1  Dandy Bear

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#2 Hand

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#3 Snowing

Animal portraits 65d0a28966eb2 jpeg 880

#4 Pray

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#5 In The Light

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#6  Parent-Child Play

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#7 Hello!

Animal portraits 65d0a2d057a31 jpeg 880

#8 Diving

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