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15 Instances Where People Were So Proud of Their Creations That They Just Had to Share (New Pictures)

Quoting Charles Bukowski, “If you’re going to try, go all the way.” Whether it’s woodworking, knitting, or any other pursuit, committing yourself not only increases your chances of success but also enables you to discover joy and fulfillment along the way.

Moreover, prioritizing the process naturally yields results. And when they manifest, take pride in your accomplishments. For those seeking inspiration to bolster their self-esteem, allow us to introduce the subreddit ‘Something I Made’—home to 2.9 million members who frequently showcase their finest DIY projects.

#1 I Crafted a Skeleton Floor Lamp: Didn’t Want to Shell Out £500, So I Made It for £210 Instead

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#2 I’ve Completed My Wings!

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#3 I Transformed a Thrifted Painting

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#4 I’m Continuing to Transform Old Hoodies into ‘Haute Couture’ Hoodies. Here’s the Second One. Do You Like It? Thank You!

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#5 I Crafted This Stunning Dark Blue Space Dress!

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#6 “I Created This Yesterday, Spending Around 4 Hours on It. It’s in Oil Pastel on 7×5 Grey Paper. Can You Guess the Name of This Drawing? 😉😃”

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#7 I’ve Developed a New Broom Style Featuring Pictures on the Ends of the Handles. Which One is Your Favorite? And Your Least Favorite?

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#8 “I Crafted a Tiny Bound Book”

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#9 I Crafted Numerous Dandelion Spheres to Make Pendants

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#10 Here are My Latest Autumnal Crochet Creations! Which One is Your Favorite?


#11 New Sweater and Hand-Knit Bear 🐻 (Christmas Gift for My Friend)

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#12 “Watercolor and Ink Paintings of Fairytales, Rendered in My Unique Style

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#13 “This Piece Took 350 Hours and Chronicles My Journey of Leaving Religion, Battling Addiction, Surviving Suicide Attempts, Shelter Life, and Ultimately Finding Self-Discovery—All Illustrated Through Symbolism.”

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#14 I Crafted a Christmas Centerpiece for My Kitchen Table

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#15 Finally Cold Enough for Long, Swooshy Skirts! (Skirt and Blouse Created and Patterned by Me)

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