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15 Frequent Flyers Share Unwritten Etiquette Rules for Airplane Passengers

“Traveling can offer exhilarating yet tiring adventures. However, nothing can dampen the experience quite like being trapped on a flight with inconsiderate fellow passengers. To enhance the flying experience for everyone, Reddit users have engaged in discussions about the unspoken etiquette of air travel that we should all respect. Below, you’ll discover insights from their conversations, along with input from Patrick Smith of Ask the Pilot. Don’t forget to show your support by upvoting the rules you firmly adhere to!”


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jumper34017,Pew Nguyen

“Please refrain from touching items in the overhead bin, especially if I’m seated in a row ahead of you.

I recall a situation when I was in first class, and I had expensive sporting gear stored in the overhead bin. Shockingly, a passenger from coach attempted to remove my belongings to utilize the first-class bins. Thankfully, they reconsidered and returned my items before I expressed my frustration.”


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“Please avoid talking on your cellphone, as it can be disruptive to others. This applies even after the plane has landed.”


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anon,Caleb Woods

“If you happen to be a pilot yourself, it’s generally best not to disclose this fact to the flight crew.”


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thesweetestberry,jamies.x. co

“Flight attendants are not merely waiters or waitresses in the sky; they are highly trained professionals responsible for our safety and well-being, especially in emergencies. It’s essential to treat them with respect and kindness, considering the challenges they face dealing with difficult passengers throughout the day.”


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Tralalaladey,ismail mohamed – SoviLe

“Similar to how patrons can’t touch the dancers at a strip club, passengers should never touch flight attendants to get their attention. It’s crucial to refrain from physical contact unless it’s an emergency situation like choking or if the individual is under 2 years old.”


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Swandive208,Mpumelelo Macu

“Just because we’re seated next to each other doesn’t imply that I desire companionship. Often, a flight is my only opportunity for quiet amidst a hectic day.”


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SirJohnCard,Man Wong

“If you choose to recline your seat, please do so slowly and gently.”


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Jamieobda,Paul Hanaoka

“If you’re traveling with children, it’s advisable to sit together as a family.”


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Badgerst8,Alex Suprun

“Please remain seated or out of the way until your designated boarding zone is called.”


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blaqbourdain,Markus Winkler

“Please refrain from handing your coat to the flight attendant when boarding the plane.

A Flight Attendant”


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“Please avoid crowding the baggage carousels. If everyone took three steps back, there would be enough space for everyone to gather around and retrieve their bags efficiently.”


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HolyCarbohydrates,Al Soot

“Be aware of when you should purchase two seats.

I encountered a situation a couple of years ago during Covid where a passenger should have bought two seats. His solution was to lift the armrest, but I intervened and called the flight attendant.

I apologize, but it’s essential to recognize your size and plan accordingly. This is not a new development, and it’s important to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.”


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stayingintheknow,Oleksandr P

“Changing diapers on the tray table is not appropriate.”


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Long_Analysis_8193,Pew Nguyen

“Do not put your feet up on anyone’s seat or armrest.”


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“Please try to maintain a quiet environment on flights before 8 am. Even if passengers aren’t actively trying to sleep, we’ve all been up since the early hours of the morning.”


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sappslap,Pew Nguyen

“Always maintain politeness when interacting with the gate agent. Their assistance can often make a significant difference, even when it’s not strictly required.”

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