Meet Veronica And Archie Bear, A Woman And A Bear Who Became Best Friends

archie bear

Although the coat of arms of Russia is a double-headed eagle, bears are not the unofficial mascot of Russia, and some would consider it that it is more well-known and connected to the nation. While the majority of the world has dogs and cats, it seems only Russians are able to have a bear as a pet. This story is all about this.

Novosibirsk resident Veronica Dichka can proudly say that Archie bear is her trusted friend. Archie is from Novosibirsk and was saved from the wild animal circus Maya Kirsanova as a cub. Archie lived in a safari park along with some other bears until it was forced to be shut down due to the pandemic. With time the park became more difficult to keep the sanctuary, which is where brave Veronica showed up and took him in as a pet. It’s important to note that Veronica had done a few photoshoots previously with Archie bear, but she was merely an acquaintance of Archie. But now they’ve become family, and the pictures which you’ll see below are proof of their closeness.

Meet Veronica And Archie, The Bear Who Was Rescued From A Circus Wwo Years Ago Because It Wasn’t Getting Enough Food For The Animals

archie bear 1

Veronica Adopted Archie Later Since The Bear Was Without An Adequate shelter, Following The Local Zoo Got Closed Because Of The Pandemic

archie bear 2

Archie Bear Was Born Captive And Couldn’t Survive Without The Aid Of Humans

archie bear 3

The Duo Is From Novosibirsk, Russia, And They Share A Fun Relationship

archie bear 4

Archie Is Really Intelligent And Knows Many Tricks, And Is A Very Disciplined Bear

archie bear

Veronica Is a Professional Dancer, Model And a Fishing Enthusiast

archie bear 5

Archie Even Joins Along For Fishing Trips With Veronica

archie bear 6

Archie Bear Is Very Well-Fed In Comparison To The Days Prior

archie bear 7

Veronica And Archie Share Hugs Too

archie bear 8

They Go Outside To Play During The Day

archie bear 9

Archie Sees Veronica As a Part Of His Family. They Share Meals. Archie Sleeps In Her Arms And Even Hides Behind Her When He’s Scared

archie bear 10

Veronica And Archie Feel Blessed To Have Each Other

archie bear