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The Top 13 Outstanding Creations of the 2023 European Product Design Award

“The European Product Design Award (ePDA), a leading global event dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the art of Product Design, has recently unveiled the winners of its 2023 edition.

This year, the jurors were particularly impressed by the high level of innovation demonstrated by the award-winning entrants. From electric cars to flexible electronics printers, the winning ideas effectively address pressing issues while also being timely, environmentally sustainable, and, most importantly, human-centered.

The 2023 edition of the ePDA reintroduced awards such as Design for Humanity and Design Innovation of the Year, in addition to Emerging Product Design of the Year and Product Design of the Year categories. Below, you’ll find a glimpse of the innovative and inspiring product designs that emerged in 2023.”

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#1 Accessible Pushchair” by Designability, Wolfson Centre, Department D1, Royal United Hospital

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European Product Design Award

Design for Humanity

“Designability has pioneered the world’s first accessible pushchair tailored for manual wheelchair users, crafted with mass production in consideration. This pushchair caters to both disabled parents or carers and non-disabled individuals – a single product serving all.

Our design innovatively replaces the conventional rear wheels and footbrake assembly, effortlessly transforming any standard pushchair into an accessible one.

Having recognized the demand for this product over many years, Designability has fulfilled one of our most sought-after requests. We estimate that approximately 20,000 disabled parents in the UK alone stand to benefit from this groundbreaking solution.”

#“Hooked” By Milan Bhullar

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European Product Design Award

Innovative Design of the Year

“Hooked” presents a unique concept in furniture design with its bent lamination wooden side table, ingeniously crafted to be wall-mounted, freeing up precious floor space as needed. This innovative design reflects a behavioral inclination towards tidiness, mirroring the convenience of hanging items on walls akin to carrying a bag. The table’s legs, fashioned as a continuous ribbon, consist of five layers of meticulously bent and laminated maple wood strips, each extending to 8 feet in length. These legs intertwine in a graceful, uninterrupted sinuous loop, enhancing the sculptural appeal of the table while highlighting the satin-like texture and resilient qualities inherent in wood as a natural material.

#3″Bonbon” by Saloni Furniture

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European Product Design Award

Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home Furniture: Living Room Category

“The Bon Bon sofa exemplifies modular furniture tailored to optimize functionality and adaptability within limited spaces. With its ingenious design, it seamlessly transitions from a sofa to a bed, catering to the diverse needs of different living rooms. Crafted with a robust plywood framework, it ensures durability and stability while its modular construction allows for versatile configurations tailored to individual preferences.”

#4 “Wunderhaus” by Wunderhaus Ltd.

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European Product Design Award

Top Design Winner in ECO DESIGN/Green Category: Residential Sustainable Design

“Wunderhaus” stands as a pinnacle of architectural excellence, setting new standards by being not only visually striking but also the pioneer in carbon-negative, energy-positive housing solutions. Our groundbreaking solar roof technology boasts an impressive average annual generation of nearly 28,000 kWh, equating to the CO2 emissions savings equivalent of 2,790 trees annually!

With a projected lifespan of 25 years, the photovoltaic (PV) roof has the potential to generate electricity valued at up to £163,000 based on prevailing tariff rates. Sustainability remains at the forefront of our principles, driving our meticulous selection of suppliers who share our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

#5 Voltera Nova Flexible Electronics Printer” by Hofer Studio

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European Product Design Award

Innovation of the Year

NOVA represents a groundbreaking leap in printing technology, being the world’s pioneer printer engineered specifically for crafting soft, stretchable, and conformable electronics. Operating on the cutting-edge principle of direct-write extrusion printing, NOVA enables precise material deposition, granting unparalleled control over printing locations. Its versatility knows no bounds.

Embark on a journey of innovation and expedited research and development with NOVA’s high-resolution printing capabilities, supporting a wide array of functional materials and screen-printable inks.

Enhanced by a vacuum table and bespoke fixturing elements, NOVA empowers direct printing onto soft, flexible, 3D printed, and irregularly shaped substrates, opening doors to limitless possibilities.

#6 Automobili Pininfarina Pura Vision” by Automobili Pininfarina

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European Product Design Award

Product Design of the Year

“Automobili Pininfarina’s PURA Vision marks a revolutionary chapter in the realm of conceptual electric Luxury Utility Vehicles (e-LUV). Revealed amidst the prestigious Monterey Car Week, this concept car epitomizes the essence of the company’s iconic PURA design philosophy, seamlessly blending the heritage of Pininfarina’s legendary models to shape the future. Crafted in-house, PURA Vision symbolizes a dawn of connected electric luxury, embodying the ethos of timeless design that has defined Pininfarina’s legacy for 94 years. Through a fusion of classic proportions and meticulous detailing, PURA Vision radiates the trademark beauty synonymous with Pininfarina’s illustrious heritage.”

#7 Introducing the Ubigrid™ DTM+ (Distribution Transformer Monitor + Oil Temperature and Pressure) by Ubicquia.

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European Product Design Award

Victorious in the category of INDUSTRIAL/Energy: Other Designs.

“Amid the unpredictable threat of natural disasters, the quest to expedite the restoration of normalcy becomes paramount. UbiGrid™ DTM+ steps in as a solution, enabling utilities to actively monitor the grid in real-time. Instant notifications regarding transformer load, power state, and condition arm crews with vital information, streamlining asset dispatch and hastening recovery efforts for affected residents. Equipped with critical analytics and predictive grid health capabilities, utilities gain the foresight to identify anomalies sooner, facilitating quicker recovery and ensuring uninterrupted access to essential services.”

#8 Relaxation Essentials” by Vestel Elektronik San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.

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European Product Design Award

Champion in the category of HOME (Household Products)/Entertainment Room: Hobby and Leisure.

“Presenting ‘Take a Rest’: a 32-inch touchscreen revolutionizing home workspaces. As remote work becomes more prevalent, homes serve as offices. This innovation provides a versatile solution, seamlessly fitting onto any home desk. Its ergonomic design, complete with a foot bar, prioritizes comfort during long hours. Customize your workspace effortlessly using the magnetic back panel. When needed, simply step away with the front curtain feature. After work hours, conveniently wheel it away for storage. ‘Take a Rest’ seamlessly combines style and functionality, featuring tranquil green tones to foster an inspiring ambiance.”

#9 Latitude | Ror Furniture Collection” crafted by Latitude

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European Product Design Award

Triumphant in the HOME (Household Products)/Home Furniture: Other Products category.

“‘The eye has to travel,’ as famously stated by Diana Vreeland. The ROR collection embodies this philosophy, presenting the joy of dynamic form across a diverse range of products including dining tables, chairs, and bar stools. Inspired by the emblem of the Moscow Olympics in 1980, the central motif of converging elements permeates throughout.

Drawing from the vibrant energy of modern metropolises and the amalgamation of diverse architectural styles and concepts, each piece in the collection exudes its own distinct character and essence. Yet, they are harmoniously united by the overarching theme of convergence.

Designed by Abai Zhumagulov, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, the ROR collection epitomizes innovation and style, inviting individuals to explore the captivating journey of design.”

#10 Light Composition Vargov® Design – Lc0339″ crafted by Vargov® Design

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European Product Design Award

Victorious in the HOME (Household Products)/Home Lighting: Hanging/Pendant Lighting category.

“Vargov® Design comprises a team of specialists dedicated to crafting and producing distinctive, original lighting and decor pieces. Leveraging our production facilities located in China, we supply our products worldwide, collaborating closely with designers, architects, and trade organizations. Our commitment includes offering discounts and comprehensive information support for every project.

Driven by a pursuit of excellence, we continually explore new materials, shapes, and innovative production techniques. By choosing to partner with us, you gain access to exclusive, copyrighted products from Vargov® Design, each imbued with our signature touch of creativity and quality.”

#11 Vase Juicer” presented by Foshan Shengfang Hardware Co., Ltd.

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European Product Design Award

Champion in the HOME (Household Products)/Kitchen: Blenders & Juicers division.

The Vase Juicer offers a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics, transcending the conventional role of juicers. Even when not in use, it serves as a decorative piece, seamlessly integrating into the home environment. Departing from the typical stacked appearance on kitchen cabinets, it transforms into a product that enhances the ambiance.

The vase-like shape is ingeniously crafted through the longitudinal storage of the juice squeezing cup, grinding cup, cover, and motor, optimizing storage space while doubling as a practical and artistic decoration. Additionally, the juice cup serves a dual purpose as a convenient carry-on cup, catering to various scenarios and needs.

Furthermore, the design language allows the Vase Juicer to transition into a vase at the end of its lifespan, ensuring sustainability and versatility in its usage.

#12 Reli Light Cam Battery D1″ offered by Reli Technologies LlC.

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European Product Design Award

Top Design Winner in the CONSUMER ELECTRONICS/Security Systems: Alarm and Home Security category.

Efficiently enhancing outdoor security, the Reli Light Cam Battery D1 excels as both a spotlight camera and wildlife observer, safeguarding homes while preserving the beauty of nature. Featuring a 1080p HD resolution, a 155° wide-angle view, and full-color night vision, it guarantees comprehensive coverage of indoor and outdoor spaces. Its seamless installation process and live video/audio access empower users to monitor their homes remotely from any location.

With a 7800mAh battery capacity, it offers up to 5 months of eco-friendly power, facilitating flexible placement options for capturing the wonders of nature, including small animals.

#13 Magical Mushroom Necklace” crafted by Shiri Hershkovitz Bartur.

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European Product Design Award

Champion in the PERSONAL/Luxury Jewelry: Other category.

“The Mugical Mushroom Necklace is a captivating 3D masterpiece that illuminates in darkness, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It serves as a tribute to the often-overlooked heroes of our ecosystem—the mushrooms. These fungi play a crucial role in maintaining our planet’s health, from nurturing mycorrhizal networks that support ecosystems to participating in mycoremediation processes that detoxify our environment. Our necklace symbolizes our deep admiration for their essential contributions to preserving our planet. More than just jewelry, it stands as a luminescent homage to nature’s silent saviors.”

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