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18 Of The Funniest Seal Laughing Images On The Internet!

Seal laughing, how adorable can it be! But do seals laugh? by just watching them, yes they laugh all the time, but the reality can be different. Read the article below to find out while enjoying the funniest seal laugh images ever!

There are 33 varieties of pinnipeds all over the world, and the majority of them are referred to as seals. They vary in size and range from the enormous southern elephant seal, which could weigh more than an average pickup truck, to the comparatively slim, 100-pound Baikal seal.

While the species have many distinct differences, they have certain similarities. For instance, the feet of all seals are designed as fins. All of them are to be semi-aquatic marine animals. All of them are adept at having fun.

As a fact, seals are laughing and joking all the time, and photographers are often able to see them smiling like they’ve heard the greatest joke ever. Do you believe me? Continue scrolling to have a look. Just be careful! That their laughter is infectious, you could be able to catch it too!


seal laughing 1

To learn more about these cute creatures, PaxCube reached out to Leonie Sophia van den Hoek, a scientist and fantasy writer who’s a marine biologist as well as a scientist with a great fascination for all things related to the oceans, sea, coral, and mammals.

“The diversity of seals is highest in seasonally covered ice seas, and the chance of predation is lessened,” Leonie explained. “Simply stated, they prefer cold water environments. They are found in the Arctic as well as Antarctic waters. In addition to northern fur seals, harbor rings, ribbons, and bearded seals are found in the Arctic region.”


seal laughing 2

In response to a question about what she thought was the most important thing that really defines these extraordinary creatures, the scientist jumped back to their name, “‘Pinnipeds originates from the Latin “pinna” and “pedis, that, means feather-footed or ‘fin-footed.’ This refers to the paddle-like hind and fore legs. There are many kinds of seals, including seals that have ears or without, fur seals, seals with ears, and even harbor seals. But they all share the fins or feather feet, which they rely on.”

Additionally, Leonie directed our attention to the fact that pinnipeds can be considered semi-aquatic marine mammals and must spend some time on land or sea ice.


seal laughing 3


seal laughing 4

When it comes to the seal laughing, we asked her that can seals laugh for real? Leonie was absolutely ruthless. “I am not trying to end the joy of seeing seals smiling however there isn’t any evidence that proves they are actually smiling. The ‘ ends’ of seal mouths are bent upwards. It can give the appearance of smiling or grin, and it looks adorable; however, the reality is that they’re opening their mouths for a likely yawn.”

“Seal watching is a lot of fun and fascinating,” the scientist added. “Seals can appear cute as if they were fin-footed dogs but do not be around them. Seals are incredibly bite-y that could put even a pitbull to shame. My advice is to snap photographs of them smiling from a distance. If you spot a seal pup sitting on the shore alone and you see him, do not come near him. Sometimes, their parents go into the water to hunt, even though the puppy may appear unhappy or unwell; the best thing you can do is contact the nearest Seal rescue center.”


seal laughing 5


seal laughing 6


seal laughing 7


seal laughing 8


seal laughing 9


seal laughing 10
Roie Galitz


seal laughing 11


seal laughing 12
Lloyd Durham


seal laughing 13


seal laughing 14


seal laughing 15


seal laughing 16


seal laughing 17


seal laughing 18

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