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Professor Sydney Engelberg, The Man Who Won All Our Hearts

Professor Sydney Engelberg, a 45-year-old professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, was not perturbed when the child of a mother during his class on organization behavior began to cry. The mom was embarrassed and tried to get out of the classroom; however, Professor Sydney Engelberg, the grandfather of four and father of five, scooped the child up and relaxed the child in his arms – without making it a big deal in the class.

As his daughter says, professor Sydney Engelberg allows the mothers who attend his master’s classes to take their kids to the lecture and even breastfeed. There is no reason for a mother to choose between her child or an education!

A Mother Got Up To Go Out Of Professor Sydney Engelberg’s Class When Her Child Wouldn’t Stop Crying

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The Professor Took The Student Into His Arms And Carried On The Class Just As Though Nothing Had Happened

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“The Way He Thinks About The Concept Of Education Is That It Isn’t Just About Knowing The Facts You Must Study In The Classroom As Well As Learning About The Value Of Education,” Wrote His Daughter, Sarit Fishbaine

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