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10 People’s Hilarious Valentine’s Day Gifts Bring Joy & Laughter – New Photos

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and for many of you lovely folks, the task of surprising your significant other may feel daunting. Even for seasoned gift-givers, it’s no small feat!

#1 Despite Taking It Slow, My Tinder Valentine Is Still Getting a Dozen Roses.

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#2 Mom Couldn’t Wait to Reveal Dad’s “Hilarious” Valentine’s Present

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#3 Who Needs Valentines When You Have “Bananatines”?

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The school announced that tomorrow the kids can exchange cards. All I heard was, “Let’s get a bit crafty, mom!”

Dr. Geher explains that humans, akin to many animals, have evolved to present themselves positively, especially to potential or current mates.

He elucidates that conspicuous gift-giving, such as surprising a partner with a lavish present like an Audi adorned with a red bow, has evolved as a form of “costly signaling.” This behavior is more about self-representation to the world rather than solely strengthening a bond or demonstrating care to a partner or friend.

Dr. Geher humorously adds that while his wife may not find an Audi with a bow in the driveway this Valentine’s Day, he doesn’t rule out the possibility entirely!

#4 Surprise Valentine’s Day Cake for My Beloved Wife

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#5 My Wife Never Fails to Deliver the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

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“We tend to gravitate towards creative and humorous individuals. Collaborating with one’s partner is a fantastic way to nurture a loving connection,” he remarked. Dr. Geher provided examples like working on paintings or composing songs together.

“While a lack of creativity and humor may not directly lead to relationship failure, the most fulfilling relationships often thrive on these qualities. My wife Shannon and I prioritize creating art together daily, and I must say, that aspect of our relationship is invaluable,” Dr. Geher shared candidly.

#6 Crafted a “Play Boy” Calendar for My Girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day Surprise

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#7 I Crafted a Valentine’s Day Card for My Boyfriend

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Many of us experience some degree of pressure to mark Valentine’s Day with something special. Despite its origins as a commercial holiday designed to sell cards and merchandise, there’s a certain charm in having a designated day focused on love. It may seem cheesy or cliché, but if you approach February 14 with an open mind, it can hold delightful surprises—even if approached semi-ironically.

Regardless of whether you fully embrace or staunchly oppose Valentine’s Day, the act of giving gifts holds significant power to brighten someone’s day. Moreover, it often has a positive impact on your own mood. As social beings, we’re inherently inclined toward generosity, albeit within certain limits.

#8 Presented My Girlfriend with a Frightening Magikarp on Valentine’s Day—But She Loved It Nonetheless

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#9 Inspired by Another’s “Soldier Valentine,” Here’s Mine from Afghanistan 2013

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#10 My Husband’s Unconventional Valentine’s Gift—Perhaps Not the Traditional Approach

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